What if I forgot to bring my photos?

In case you didn’t have time to take photos at home, or just forgot to bring your photos to Vietnam, don’t worry because you can get them taken right at the arrival airport in Vietnam at only less than US2$

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  • Passport, as commonly known is among the most important thing to keep along with wherever you go. Like other countries, Vietnam authorities may consider a serious problem once finding out you without passport. Thus, foreigners are advised to immediately contact the Local Police Department to report the incident. Then contact with your country’s Embassy in Vietnam to renew your passport. In case there is no your country’s Embassy in Vietnam then come directly to Vietnam Immigration Department at 40A Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi for solution.
    As soon as having your passport issued, please collect following documents (original) and contact us to process the exit visa:
    1. Your new passport
    2. The report on the lost of exit and entry visa (certified by Local Police Department)
    3. The diplomatic note of the your’s Embassy or Consulate
    4. Your air ticket

  • Please don’t worry because we will always be available to help you at best, provided that you contact us immediately when the trouble occurs. If you do not call us, or call us too late, it’d be difficult for us to help.

  • In case your passport has expired, you have to get it renewed before making visa application. The reason is that according to Vietnam regulation, the passport must be at least 6 month valid from your entry date or else you will not be allowed to enter Vietnam.

  • In case you didn’t have time to take photos at home, or just forgot to bring your photos to Vietnam, don’t worry because you can get them taken right at the arrival airport in Vietnam at only less than US2$

  • For e-visa
    If your passport number is wrong, don’t worry, we will help you fix it! please email us at [email protected] or call us immediately at +84. 904.879.729
    For visa on arrival
    If you entered the wrong passport number, please email us at [email protected] or call us immediately at +84.904.879.729 for us to correct before sending your information to the Vietnam Immigration Department. If you forget to notify us of this matter until your information has been sent to the Immigration Office, you need to make a new visa application with the correct passport number.

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately when the trouble occurs in anytime by phone (+84. 904 879 729), by email [email protected] or live chat at Skype:lam.nguyen2310  Thus, remember to keep our hotline, phone, and email with you when travelling to Vietnam.

  • Vietnam Embassy visa (or visa code) is a pre-approved letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department which allow the applicants pick up a visa at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in the country nominated by the applicants. You will need to show this document to the Embassy/Consulate, pay the stamping fee and get your Vietnam visa stamped into your passport. You can select the Vietnam Embassy by giving a note in application form in the step 1

  • No, you could not. You just can leave on any day EARLIER than the exit date noted in your visa approval letter and your official visa as well.

  • No, you could not. You just can arrive on any day LATER than the arrival date noted in your visa approval letter and your official visa as well.

  • If you arrive at any of the three international airports: Tan Son Nhat (in Ho Chi Minh City); Noi Bai (in Hanoi) and Da Nang (in Da Nang), don’t worry because it is said that in the letter of approval: “The applicants are permitted to pick up the visa upon arrival at Vietnamese International Airports”. (It is possible for VOA only)

    Notes: with e-Visa is impossible to change your destination port.

  • No, you cannot. You have to print your visa approval letter before hand, and bring it together with passport and photos to arrival airport in Vietnam and present it to both Airlines Officers to board the plane and Immigration Officer to get your official visa stamped. Otherwise, you might encounter trouble at the arrival airport. If you were in that case, call us immediately at +84. 904 879 729 so that we may help you to solve the problem at our best

  • No, you could not. The visa approval fee must be paid online after your application has been submitted. You might pay the fee later, but it must be enough for us to arrange your visa (at least 2 working days for normal processing).

  • Yes, it is. Anyone who uses our service will be applied the same rate. The applicants who held the passport of some specific countries as Indian, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Israel, Mauritius… will be subjected a higher processing fee.

  • For secure online payment, we use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) from Comodo Inc to keep your credit card details safe. In no cases will your debit/credit card details be transmitted unencrypted over the internet. For more details, please read through our privacy policy.

  • It might be due to any problems below:
    – There might be some computer errors or irregular card information
    – You have reached credit limit/your account is not enough money to pay
    – You have entered incorrect card expiration date or your card has expired.
    – You have entered incorrect Visa verified password or Master Secure code
    – Your credit card is NOT enabled to conduct the transaction online
    In any of those cases, please contact the issue bank. You can also click here to choose another payment gate or contact us for more details.

  • We accept both credit/debit cards, PayPal for payment of visa approval fee. The credit/debit cards include Visa, Master Cards, American Express or Discover. For details of payment guidelines, please kindly click here.

  • – Vietnam visa on arrival is the visa applied for those who travel Vietnam by air only, and will get their visa stamped onto their passport at the immigration counter when arriving at the Vietnam International Airport. By submitting the approval letter together with your passport (6 months validity), two valid photos 04x06cm and stamping fee, the visa will be stamped onto your passport.
    – Vietnam visa code or embassy visa is the visa which you can get at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are staying or living. No matter where you are or which passport you hold, you can reach for the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa. The time and the price of processing a visa vary from the Embassy or Consulate. Normally, it will take you 3-7 working days. All information about getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate you can find at the website of the nearest Embassy or Consulate. Vietnam embassy visa is applied for those who travel by land, by air, by train and by sea.