Urgent Vietnam Visa

24/7 Expedited Vietnam Visa Service For Vietnam E-Visa

Experience the convenience of our last-minute urgent Vietnam visa service, granting tourists swift access to their tourist e-visa or visa on arrival, and enabling them to relish their vacations in Vietnam without delay!

Don’t let visa requirements jeopardize your trip to Vietnam! If you’re on the verge of missing your flight, worry not! We’re here to assist you in obtaining an emergency Vietnam visa and rescue your holiday plans.

Important information: Our urgent service is exclusively available for Vietnam e-visa or visa on arrival. Please note that the quickest processing time for a business visa sponsorship letter is 3 working days.

How Can I Obtain My Emergency Vietnam Visa Promptly?

The Vietnam urgent visa is processed from a few hours to 1 – 2 days after you complete the online registration form and payment. Visit our website to fill out the online registration form, and choose from our convenient payment options.

Don’t wait until the last minute! If you’re only a day or even half a day away from your flight, fill out the online form below immediately to request an Emergency Visa and ensure you get it on time.

1. Rush Services For A New E-Visa Application

The rush fees for 1-month & 3-month single entry:

 Processing time Fee (USD/pax) WhatsApp
5 business DAYS$55 +84.904.879.729
3 business DAYS$75 +84.904.879.729
2 business DAYS$85 +84.904.879.729
1 business DAYS$100 +84.904.879.729
4 business HOURSCall +84.904.879.729
2 business HOURSCall +84.904.879.729
1 business HOURCall +84.904.879.729
30-mins Last minuteCall +84.904.879.729

The rush fees for 1-month & 3-month multiple entry:

 Processing time Fee (USD/pax) WhatsApp
5 business DAYS$80 +84.904.879.729
3 business DAYS$100 +84.904.879.729
2 business DAYS$110 +84.904.879.729
1 business DAY$125 +84.904.879.729
4 business HOURSCall +84.904.879.729
2 business HOURSCall +84.904.879.729
1 business HOURCall +84.904.879.729

2. Rush Services For Expedited Pending E-Visa

Have you already applied for an e-visa on the official website and It is still processing, not approved yet? Dont worry! We can speed up your pending e-visa application with a lot of urgent options!

 Processing time Fee (USD/pax) WhatsApp
2 business DAYS$50 +84.904.879.729
1 business DAY$80 +84.904.879.729
4 business HOURS$100 +84.904.879.729
2 business HOURSCall +84.904.879.729
1 business HOURCall +84.904.879.729

Who Requires An Emergency Vietnam Visa?

The emergency Vietnam visa (also known as an Urgent Vietnam visa or Last-minute Vietnam visa) offers significant benefits for tourists.

  • who have just realized, mere hours before their flight, that they require a visa to enter Vietnam, or
  • whose visa application is not approved in time, and they wish to avoid rescheduling their flight to Vietnam.

Who Is Eligible For An Urgent Vietnam Visa?

As of the present, the Vietnam urgent or emergency visa applies to citizens of all countries and territories.

To Obtain An Urgent And Emergency Vietnam Visa

☎[HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] For the quickest confirmation of your emergency Vietnam visa service, simply reach out to us via our Hotline/Zalo/Viber/WhatsApp: +84.904.879.729

You can also obtain an urgent visa for Vietnam by filling out the form below, and our consultant will contact you shortly. Before proceeding, please ensure that you have photos of your passport, portrait, and flight ticket ready on your device.

Processing Time Descriptions For Urgent Vietnam Visa Cases

    • The timeframe is quite complicated, we recommend calling us via WhatsApp at +84.904.879.729 to get the best option for your emergency.
  • 1. An urgent Vietnam visa will be processed in 8 working hours after you fill out the online registration form and complete payment. The visa will be sent by 5:30 PM (GMT+7).

  • 2. An emergency Vietnam visa will be issued in 4 working hours after making the payment successfully. The visa will be sent by 12:15 PM (GMT+7) 0r 5:30 PM (GMT+7) the same day.

  • 3. Can I get an expedited vietnam visa within 2 working hours? Yes, the visa can be issued in 2 hours completely. If you have less than 2 hours for your upcoming flight, please fill out the visa form online to submit your emergency request.

  • 4. An emergency Vietnam visa can be issued in 1 working hour completely. If you have less than 90 minutes for your upcoming flight, please fill up a visa form online to submit your request urgently.

  • 5. Can I get a Vietnam urgent visa on weekends and holidays?  Yes, it is possible to get a Vietnam visa through an expedited service on weekends and holidays. It takes about 30 minutes to process your application and send the visa to your email once you submit your application and make a payment for the processing fee successfully. Fast-track service is included in this option. (1-month single entry visa will be issued for all applications)


Q. Can I trust the urgent Vietnam visa services to deliver my visa on time?

A. Yes, you can trust our urgent Vietnam visa services to deliver your visa on time. We have a streamlined process in place to ensure timely delivery of your visa, every time.

Q. What should I do if I need an emergency Vietnam visa?

A. If you need an emergency Vietnam visa, simply reach out to us and we’ll handle the process efficiently for you. Our services are tailored to address urgent visa needs.

Q. Will I experience any delays with the urgent visa to Vietnam service?

A. No, our online platform eliminates the need for tedious paperwork, streamlining the visa application process for you.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of urgent Vietnam visa services! Whether you need an emergency Vietnam visa or an urgent visa to Vietnam, we’ve got you covered. Our streamlined process ensures that you get your visa on time, every time. Don’t let time constraints hold you back from your travel plans. Trust us to deliver your urgent Vietnam visa with speed and reliability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your travel documents are in good hands. Choose urgent Vietnam visa services for a stress-free and smooth journey ahead!

urgent Vietnam visa

urgent Vietnam visa