Border Crossing And Vietnam Visa Requirements

Navigating from one country to another will cost you time and effort as well as a lot of interest. After spending a few weeks in one place and getting used to its currency, food, and people. At some point, you have to bid your sad goodbyes and move forward with your travels. What is the cheapest way to reach your next neighboring destination? Cross the border! For young backpackers and travelers who are moving slow, the crossing border is the best way to get to your next stop. Keep reading for the complete and step by step Visa and Border Crossing Laos – Vietnam and Cambodia – Vietnam

Flying into Laos from Vietnam  is expensive while crossing the border should save you at least half of the price of the flight ticket. However the drive takes 27 hours – so prepare yourself with a book or books, crisps, biscuits, and heaps of patience for this trip!



NOTE: If you don’t need a visa (depends on how long you will stay and your nationality), you may skip this part and proceed to the Border Crossing section below.

Being a Filipino passport holder, I can stay in Vietnam up to 21 days with a free visa. However, I intended to stay longer than that hence I have to apply for a visa in a consulate or an embassy.

When I was about to cross the border to Vietnam, I first planned to go to  then I found a Vietnam Visa Agency that is EntryVietnamVisa.Com. They helped me getting an Vietnam visa border crossing, it is so easy and to save time for me, this is price table that I got:

After that I write an email to [email protected]  and they will reply in 30 minutes to request me some information for processing visa. With three working days I received Visa on Hand.

Notes: When crossing to Vietnam you need to apply for Vietnam visa and get the appropriate documents in advance to pass the border. If you do not do this the bus will not wait for you and you will not be refunded for the cost of the trip. 

I hope that this article will be useful for your trips!