Wait time for Vietnam visa on arrival: How long does it actually takes?

The wait time at Vietnam airport for visa on arrival depends largely on the numbers of arrivals and time of arrival. Some airports are very busy during peak hours, some are less busy, lets take a look on our wait time comparison chart below:

*This is an average wait time for non-holiday as it will be much busier during New Year, Christmas and Lunar New Year Holiday.

Airport (BusiScore)Wait time (Average)Peak hours
Ho Chi Minh city SGN (BusiScore: 10/10)15-30 minutes10:00 am to 02:00 pm (Busiest day: Friday)
Hanoi HAN (BusiScore: 8/10)10-20 minutes09:00 am to 03:00 pm (Friday usually sees the highest number of arrivals)
Da Nang DAD (BusiScore: 6/10)Often less than 15 minutes11:00 am to 01:00 pm (Saturday is the busiest day)
Nha Trang NHA (BusiScore: 5/10)Often less than 15 minutes08:00 am to 10:00 am (Busiest day: Thursday)
Hai Phong HPH (BusiScore: 4/10)Often less than 15 minutes03:00 pm to 05:00 pm (Busiest day: Monday)

Our tips

  • Prepare all documents before you go including photos, stamping fee in cash and the entry/exit form
  • Prepare the stamping fee in exact amount in USD or VND to save your time on money exchange
  • If you travel with children or seniors, please ask the immigration officers or other travelers for priority

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