Vietnam Embassy Locations

Where is the Vietnam Embassy at Wallis and Futuna?

From Wallis and Futuna, the visitors can apply for a visa through the nearest Embassy of Vietnam or apply for a visa on arrival online.
There is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Wallis and Futuna at present, visitors can apply for a visa on arrival instead.

We are sorry to inform that there is no information about Embassy of Vietnam in Wallis and Futuna at present.

1. Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in the neighboring country to obtain Vietnam visa directly beforehand. It may take 4-7 working days to get a Vietnam visa done there. Here is detailed information of the nearest Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate to your location.

2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online at (receive Vietnam visa approval letter via email for flight boarding within 2 working days, get your visa stamped and picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam. Applicable for air travelers only)

How to get a visa to Vietnam from Wallis and Futuna

Check Vietnam visa requirement for Wallis and Futuna residents

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