Getting Vietnam emergency visa on Tet holiday 2014

Finding out a Vietnam visa agency working on Tet holiday 2014 is not easy. However, with our special emergency Vietnam visa service, there is no need to worry about it anymore. We make sure that you won’t miss your trip to Vietnam on these days if you could contact us soon enough.

The Vietnamese New Year Tet holiday is the most important celebration of Vietnamese culture. Celebrated on the first day of the first month in Lunar Calendar, Tet’s celebration is the longest holiday which may last up to 9 days in 2014, from Tuesday, January 28 until Wednesday, February 5 2014. On this occasion of the year, all the Vietnamese government organizations and offices will NOT work and every family will get together to welcome the new year.

For those who travel Vietnam during this holiday should remember to apply for Vietnam visa as soon as possible (it would be perfect if everything complete 1 week before Tet holidays). Vietnam visa arrangement on this occasion is very difficult as far as nobody will work on these days. Almost the online visa agency will stop providing Vietnam visa on arrival service. However, being an experienced local visa agency who has been working in Vietnam visa and immigration business for nearly a decade, we encounter many emergency entry needs which suddenly arise during Tet holiday and it is time you need our help.

With the special emergency Vietnam visa service, we make sure that you won’t miss your trip to Vietnam if you could contact us early enough. We will work at our best to make the visa for you to enter Vietnam successfully, even at weekend or holidays; on working time or non-working time. There are some mistakes with Vietnam visa on arrival during Tet holiday you usually make, criteria includes:

Getting Vietnam visa on arrival directly at arrival airports:

Many people thought that they can get Vietnam visa on arrival directly at arrival airport without any preparation. That is a serious mistake. Vietnam visa will be stamped on your passport at arrival airports only if you are approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department beforehand with a visa approval letter. The visa approval letter will be arranged by a Vietnam visa agency and you could make an online visa application very easy.

Vietnam Immigration Department still works on Tet holiday:

As stated above, all the government organizations will have 9 days off. During these 9 days, there is not any normal Vietnam visa processing will be expedited but the special emergency one.
What about the Vietnam Embassy, do they work on these days? No, they don’t. Like the Vietnam Immigration Department, they will have 9 days off too. All the visa application will be postponed to 5 Feb 2014 to process. For the detail working time, you should contact with the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate.

Getting Vietnam visa at border gates on land:

Vietnam visa on arrival is available for air entry only. It means that there is NO visa on arrival accepted at the border gates on land. In case you don’t enter Vietnam by air, you should apply for Vietnam visa 1-2 weeks before Tet holiday.

Pay the stamping fee with credit cards:

The stamping fee which you pay to the Vietnam Immigration Counter at checkpoint must be in cash (USD or VND). It’s absolutely vital that you have a processing fee on you as far as there is no ATM, money changer or any other way to withdraw money in the immigration hall.

Couldn’t get visa stamped on Tet holiday or at night:

It is not true. There are Vietnam Immigration Officers available at arrival airport to handle your Vietnam visa 24/7. Anytime you arrive in Vietnam with a valid visa approval letter you will be welcomed and get a visa stamped on the passport within 15 to 30 minutes, even in the New Year Eve midnight.

What are the requirements for Vietnam visa on arrival on Tet holiday? As normal Vietnam visa on arrival, you don’t have to provide any documents to the Vietnam visa agency to get your visa approval letter. You just need to prepare a valid passport, which is 6 months validity beyond the arrival date with 2 blank pages for visa stamp. Besides, there are 2 recent passport size photos in color, front view and with a plain background are required. Some stamping fee in cash (USD or VND) should be prepared in advance.

Vietnam visa on arrival on Tet holiday will be available for tourist visa (C1) and business visa (B3). It means that you can apply for both Vietnam tourist visa for 1 month stay or business visa for 3 months stay on this occasion. Once you make an online application (make sure that you select the kind of service “Holidays, Saturday or Sunday processing”), you are requested to fill in with the required information like full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. The emergency visa approval letter will be normally ready within a few hours on to send you via email. The rates for visa applications with its arrival date from January 28th, 2014 through February 5th, 2014 will be charged as non-working time processing (Holiday, Saturday and Sunday service). Other applications made during these days but the arrival dates after February 6th, 2014 will be charged with normal rates (36 hours to 48 hours service).

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