Urgent Visa

The service of last-minute emergency Vietnam visa helps travelers get tourist evisa  FAST and enjoy holidays in Vietnam!  

You are about to miss your flight to Vietnam due to visa requirements? We are here to help you get an emergency Vietnam visa, and save your holiday!

EntryVietnamVisa.com (EVV) offers various options of urgent Vietnam visa services that match your boarding time in 8 working hours, 4 working hours, 2 working hours, 1 working hour on every working days and super urgent visa service in 4 hours for Weekend & public Holidays.

Rush & Urgent Visa is necessary for those person who would like to get Vietnam visa in same day or couple hours for some reason of changing their travel plans at the last minute, arrive at the airport without an approval letter, extraordinary business in Vietnam or forgot to apply visa in advance.

Rush Visa Processing Fee Pricing Table

8 hours working day4 hours working day2 hours working day1 hour/ Last Minute Overtime/ Weekend/ Holiday


For any further questions or help needed, please call us at : +84 904 879 729 or drop us an email at sale@myvietnamvisaonarrival.org

Processing time description for rush & urgent case:

The secured visa online application form will show the most convenient options that match your time frame automatically based on your selected date of arrival and local time (Vietnam time,GMT+7). It could be at least of two options as following:

1, Next Day Visa (08 working hours process): The letter will be sent by 17:30 if you submit your application and pay the processing fee before 08:00AM on same day. Otherwise, approval letter will be sent by 17:30 on next working day.

2, Same Day Visa (04 working hours process): The visa approval letter will be sent by 12:15PM if you submit your application and pay the processing fee before 08:00AM on same day. If application is submitted between 8:00AM and 10:00AM then the letter will be sent by 17:30 on same day. Otherwise, letter will be sent by 12:15 on next working day.

3, Urgent Visa (01 working hour process): If you submit your application between 8:00AM-10:00AM or 14:00PM-16:00PM and pay the processing fee then the visa approval letter will be sent within 01 hour. The letter will be sent by 09:15AM on next working day if you submit the application later than 16:00PM

4, Overtime (04 hours process): This instant visa process is available from Monday to Friday, out of working hours. This is a special service from Urgent Vietnam Visa. The approval letter will be sent within 04 hours once you completed your application and made a payment successful( 10:00AM->14:00PM, 16:00PM -> 24:00AM, 24:00AM ->08:00AM)

5, Weekend & Holidays (04 hours process): This option is available on Weekends & public Holidays only. It takes about 04 hours to process your application and send the approval letter to your email once you submit your application and make a payment for processing fee successful. Fast track service and stamp fee are included in this option.(1 month single entry visa will be issued for all application)

Working days:

  • Mon -> Thur: 08:00 Am ->10:00 Am, 14:00 Pm ->16:00 Pm
  • Fri: 08:00 Am -> 12:00 Pm


  • Mon – >Thur: 10:00 Am ->14:00 Pm, 16:00 Pm -> 22:00 Pm

Weekend, Holiday:

  • Fri: From 12:00 Pm -> Saturday and Sunday.
  • Public Holidays will be announced on our website and processing option is also automatically added to EVV real time booking system.


  • Rush visa is not applied for multiple visa of 03 months and 06 months or 01 year.
  • Stamp fee at Vietnam airports is not included excepts Weekend/Holiday processing.
  • 100% guaranteed for success of those urgent cases. We often deliver the letter before commitment time.
  • Please consider the different timezone between Vietnam and your location because we use Vietnam time on application form and booking confirmation email.
  • Please make sure that you provide a correct email address, phone number… to receive the visa approval letter and our phone call if needed.